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foto1A group of about fifty Danish teachers, school leaders, fablab leaders and civil servants of the municipalities of Vejle, Århus and Silkeborg visited our school, De Populier in The Hague on October 2, 2015. It was the last day of a week long trip along Makerspaces in Germany and The Netherlands. They were in Amsterdam at The Waag Society, in Utrecht at Protospace. Last year when we (my colleagues, Per-Ivar Kloen, Marten Hazelaar and me) attended the conference Fablearn in Stanford, we met the delegation leader. A few months ago I got an email of the new delegation leader of this trip. I helped him find places where they could get inspiration and they really wanted to see a school where Maker Education takes place. So I invited them to my school too.

mfMy school leader welcomed our guests and then I gave a presentation about Maker Education in general but primarily about how we are implementing #makered in our lessons. After the presentation and the critical questions we went to our Maker Space. My colleagues and six of our students joined us there (very proud of them, with no hesitation at all, they mingled and chatted with our guests in good English).

A visit to our Maker Space would be superficial if our guest wouldn’t have done anything. So we did a “Scandinavian Style Workshop. Most important ingredient: The Milkfrother of The IKEA. We see it more as a battery pack, a switch and a motor. Assignment: Make something you really want to make. And so they did? In a minute all of the Danish were working hard on their inventions, creations, pieces of art. 45 minutes later we did a “Show and Tell” and I must say, I think it is amongst the top three of our workshops if you look at the results! Dancers, painters, musical instruments, cars, even remote controlled, a bee catcher! Check out the movie below!

If you are interested, you can find the Dutch version of this blogpost here.

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Arjan van der Meij

Quartermaster Maker Education in The Netherlands
Arjan is a physics teacher in The Hague at The Poplar. This school year he has been given the opportunity to start a Maker Education Platform. He loves to teach. A few years back he became a Maker and since that moment he is on a mission. He won't stop until every child has the ability to become a Maker.

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4 thoughts on “Danish creativity

  1. Hello
    Thank you for that we could visit you and your school:-)
    And thank you for the video. Nice:-)
    We will send you an invitation to come to Denmark soon
    Kind Regards
    Flemming Giese

  2. Great write-up, Arjan – and thanks again! 🙂

    Will try to cipher through your Dutch tweets for cool stuff, and in turn update you on our progress in DK. Especially the question of exactly how much #makered we can cram into the curriculum, without loosing track of the bigger picture 😉

    Kind regards, Kasper (Silkeborg)

    (p.s. the hyperlinks for the Danish cities could use a quick review)

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