In many countries educators are starting with Maker Education. In schools, libraries, fablabs, more and more children are designing and making all kinds of products. Some call it tinkering, others call it making. This blog is meant for all educators who are interested in Maker Education and willing to share their experiences.

You are invited to join us! Pleas leave a comment or e-mail me for all kinds of collaborations or questions. I will try to gather here all Maker Educators of Europe and hope that we wille be able to enforce each other in our collective goal:

Every child a Maker


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Arjan van der Meij

Quartermaster Maker Education in The Netherlands
Arjan is a physics teacher in The Hague at The Poplar. This school year he has been given the opportunity to start a Maker Education Platform. He loves to teach. A few years back he became a Maker and since that moment he is on a mission. He won't stop until every child has the ability to become a Maker.

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