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CbBokQ2XEAA4Eb4In the schoolyear 2015/2016 I started working as a quartermaster Maker Education. We, a group of people of the fablabs, the libraries and the schools established a “lean and mean” organization that is called Platform Maker Education. With the credo “Every child a maker” and some funding of the Dutch government we are trying to get more schools, teachers and especially children to start with making and learning.

We scale up Maker Education by speaking at all kinds of teacher conferences, organizing gatherings of teachers and other educators who already started doing Maker Education, presenting new and translated educational material, doing some research and launching a voucher system for schools who want to start with Maker Education.

The voucher system was launched this Thursday (February 11, 2016) at De Balie in Amsterdam. Lots of Fablabs and Makerspaces in The Netherlands offer an introduction course of €250 or €500. When a school likes the offer they can ask for a voucher on the website of the Platform and when the application is approved The Platform will pay for he event. We try to spread the activities geographically. We hope we will get funds to have this system working for as long as it is necessary. Below the video of the entire evening (in Dutch).


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